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Teachers are Tired of Lip Service

Recently, a Metro Atlanta Educator, Chantae Pittman, organized an amazing protest to bring awareness to the unheard voices of Black teachers in education. 
Black teachers are tired of being underappreciated, overlooked and silenced in speaking out against social injustices. 
Chantae, who, like myself and so many other teachers, is frustrated, concerned yet persisting through the changes in education to ensure that the children and families we serve. I engaged her in some questions to shed light to the experiences of Black teachers during this time.  Building Support for Black Teachers in School Districts Challenged with Reopening Plans is Needed.  How can people help?
Definitely make your voice heard. There are several ways to support these different counties that are still intending on opening the school for face to face instruction. As stakeholders - teachers, parents, students, and community members, we all have a voice and should let it be known that you are not in favor of opening sc…

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