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Class of 2020 Graduates Are Joining Together to Protest the Injustices in Schools and Society

Recent Class of 2020 graduates are wanting to see social change in education. 
"We don't want our siblings to have to go through the disparities in discipline like we did. We suffered enough so that they can thrive!", says two Gwinnett county seniors.

Did you know hat good schools adapt quickly to social change? They do this because good schools are disruptive of bad cultural practices which often displayed and implemented in discipline policies. This includes intolerance based on racial disparities in many public school districts discipline, attendance and behavior policies. 
However, we seem to continue to have a problem with adjusting social change to the needs of children of color in this country. Especially Black boys who are disproportionately impacted by bias discipline policies. Over the last 15 -20 years Gwinnett’s demographic has changed dramatically. We have become more diverse. However, our school board and superintendent for the most part have remained the same…

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