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Jim Crow Ideals Still Exist within Gwinnett Co. School Board Members

Gwinnett county is on the brink of a demographic change in three major areas of the school district. Long time incumbents, Carole Boyce and Mary Kay Murphy , of the Gwinnett school board have failed Black and brown students in these districts far too long.  LEARN MORE ABOUT CANDIDATE  DR. TARECE JOHNON  The " For Our Students " ad in support of them for the Gwinnett County School board race ad is a direct reflection racial division and inequities.  Moreover, it says to Black and brown children that these candidates don't plan on working for them.  As the community is changing, stakeholders want people in these seats who will work for all children. Now the incumbents are working overtime to keep their seats. Keeping their seats means that Jim Crow ideologies and methodologies will continue on the Gwinnett County School Board.                                                                   LEARN MORE ABOUT CANDIDATE                                                      

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