Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Single Blues

Life teaches us to race against time to have a complete life with someone else. It's the notion that in order to be accomplished, happy, complete... we have to have someone as our girlfriend or boyfriend as early as grade school. Society portrays that in order for us to truly be successful, we have to have someone on our arms. It seems as if we are constantly racing from having a serious relationship in dating, courting and seeking the person we hope to spend the rest of our lives happily together. When do we truly take time to love ourselves? To fall in love with who we are.

I can admit, it's quite uncomfortable at times not having someone to accompany you to events, go to the movies with, double date with friends and most importantly build a life together. Then we have to ask ourselves, am I confined by the thoughts and ideas of others for my life? There are so many people who are in relationships to please their families and other people that they are miserable. People who find themselves not able to be themselves because they are making decisions to make others happy at the expense of their happiness. 

We have to master how to fuel our purpose more than desires. It begins focusing on the path of success you're traveling in order to be the best you. Don't get stuck in depression because you feel like you aren't living up to society's expectations. Our lives were designed beyond the imagination of man. Besides, we cannot truly be happy with someone if we aren't even happy with ourselves. Regardless if you'r working to be off the market or not, the first thing we have to do is ensure that we're marketable. We should look at ourselves and say, that's someone I'd want to be with. It starts within first. If we don't see our worth, we can't expect others to value it. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Birth of a Nation

Your vote, each vote does matter! In this country,  we have a pattern of not fixing what's broken and making it work for all. The film "Birth of Nation" bring so much relevance to what the United States is dealing with now especially with this Election. Below are 10 valid reasons why D.W. Griffith's The Clansman also known as Birth of A Nation and Nate Parker's remake of "Birth of A Nation" are relevant today. Freedom will never ring in America when we're still advocating for . . . 

#1 - Equal Rights 

#2 - Unbiased Justice System

#3 - Black Lives Matters

#4 - Women Rights Matters

#5 - Latino Lives Matters

#6 - Muslim Lives Matters

#7 - LGBT Lives Matters

#8 - Equal Economic Opportunities

#9 - Affordable Healthcare 

#10 - Equitable Education System 

If you're asking why does my vote matter, these are 10 reasons for you to consider. More importantly how we hold our leaders and ourselves accountable will determine the true change needed in America. 

Justice for some, isn't justice for all. A victory for a few isn't a win for many. Leadership influences on all levels influences action. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I'm Sorry

Perspective is key! We cannot simply go by our perspective alone. We are one being a world of billions of other beings who may not think, look, sound, react, plan, create or interpret things the same ways that we do. In fact, that's the power of our beings and life. There can be one Earth, but billions of people who live in it differently, who take care of it differently, who use it differently. I would even think that there's one God, that billions of people across the world worship and acknowledge differently. Languages are different, the way that we cook, prepare and eat foods are different . . . the power in perspective is that if forces everyone's ideas, ways of thinking and living to be at the table.
It's the things behind our actions; motive, intent, emotion, mindset that people don't see, that shape perspectives but what they feel are the results of our actions that leave imprints on the heart. I'm sorry doesn't make you weaker. I'm sorry simple acknowledges that hey, I see you don't agree with, like or embrace my way of thinking or feelings in the same way so I'm sorry if it offends, disrespects or overlooks your thoughts. I'm sorry doesn't make you less powerful, thoughtful or meaningful. It just makes you conscience minded and aware of the others persons perspective.

To the Kindergarten classmate who tried to take my lunch and found out the hard way that homie don't play that . . . I'm sorry.

To the little girl in 4th grade with a ringworm on her cheek who became the laughing stock of our class for two weeks . . . I'm sorry.

To the all the teachers who thought I was being difficult and disrupting class when I was really trying to school them about Atlanta history . . . I'm sorry.

To all the innocent people caught in to the political systems of this world who did nothing but simply wake up, brown, black, red, yellow or indifferent in societies that don't embrace your perspective or being . . . I'm sorry.

To all those who have taken actions of mine out of context or mistaken my good for evil. . . I'm sorry.

When you understand power, you realize that people who know how to use it don't tear others down or disrespect them, they use it to change their perspective.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Missing Ingredients

Everyone will tell you to have a plan, to build investments, to expand your network, to try this, try that... but until you have the missing ingredients, your vision won't reach it's full potential. Loyalty, Honor and Support are the missing ingredients to success that you won't hear many people discuss. 


What's your loyalty level? Sometimes we are more loyal to celebrities, dignitaries, characters on shows, movies, books, our pets, even our jobs or worships centers, but is that same loyalty shown to those we love? We faithfully, day in and day out, punch a clock, feed our pets, make sure we record or tune into the latest show, movie or network series but won't commit to volunteering at schools, shelters or outreach programs. If we aren't careful, we'll find ourselves being more loyal to the things that take away from our investments than actually being loyal to our investments. Not your home, car, clothes, etc., but the investments such as family, loved ones, relationships and our character are the things that often times lack our true loyalty because we become distracted. 


Honor, seems like a basic principal that many people in our society just don't seem to grasp. Honor is built upon respect starting with self first. I hear many people say that I don't honor this or that because he/she/it didn't . . ., they weren't, ... they never. After a while, the cycle never ends if we continue giving people control over our emotions and not being accountable for our actions. People work so hard to be what they don't want to become not realizing that they become that very thing because they don't own it. We have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. You gain honor by giving it, by taking hold to it and embracing it's reality. Compassion allows you to uphold honor in-spite of what may or my not be given back to you. 


Give, Take, Replenish has become take, take, take and when empty leave and take from somewhere else. Where's the reciprocity? People want to obtain success but don't support. They are so many ways to support others. You can't expect your dream to be big when you haven't adequately put in the work to not just build yourself, but to support others in the process. Building your success doesn't mean you don't reach out to help others find their pathway to success. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Social Media Celebrities

For anyone who has played, practiced, specialized in or watched basketball, you've seen that it's difficult getting two balls into one basket at the same time. Many of us face this every day challenge with the pro's and con's of social media. Social Media has afforded us all the rights to "Fame", with acquiring likes, shares and now in various emotions about what you post or share. What we fail to realize is that social media is just one basket. Yet we battle trying to get two balls, one being fame the other integrity into our one social media basket at the same time. There is a balance to everything, including social media. 

Earlier this year, I did a Social Media 101 training for our Christian Education Department. One of the middle aged participants stated that she doesn't use social media because it's too personal. People just put too much of their business in the public. Here's the challenge. She's right! I went into explaining how social media can effectively be used and enjoyed for people of all ages. Here's what we have to remember in regards to not only social media, but life:

1) Control Your Settings 

Once it's out there it's out there! 
I'm not speaking of controlling your account, privacy or page settings. I'm speaking of controlling your emotions. So many people in the heat of the moment write post that don't reflect their best character or integrity and it yields to negative responses. 

2) Practice Makes Perfect

Proof reading your post before posting. Talk to text is very convenient but it doesn't always correctly translate what you're speaking. Take 30 seconds and read what you post. Even if not rushes, just make sure what' you're writing makes sense. I see so many powerful, inspiring posts that I don't share because of misspelled words and bad grammar. 

3) Have Consistent Content 

Don't fake the funk. When people check out your page, it should be truly reflective of who you are not what you want people to believe.  Don't be a Prosperity Preacher but living in poverty. How is what you're teaching working for you?  Don't advocate for _______Lives Matter and you don't treat _________ with respect, love and dignity. When you don't know how to or don't value what you advocate for in your message, it's kind of hard to sell to others. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunny Day

Even in our storms, the sun is always shining! Finding the sun in the storms of life, taking the high road, doing the right thing in spite of all connected to what drives us...our faith.

Why is Faith so important? To me, faith is the only thing that people, things, situations or circumstances can take away from us. FAITH is the turning point of our existence. It's the internal power connecting us to God which keeps us going each day we're alive.

We've all experienced bad reports from work, the doctor's office, financial lenders, etc that have made us feel "hopeless"! The hope that we'd stay in our nice homes, cars, good health, employment, etc. are all things that as we continue to live can be taken away. Even in the mist of our valley experiences, the sun is always shining.

God is the Light in dark situations. Even as we travel through the valley of the shadows of death, God has already promised us that He will be there. Our valley may not be dark, forest like atmospheres. Some of our valley experience are in the workplace, in the church, in the communities we live in, dealing with unloving family members or dealing with the ugly, not so pleasant, dark areas of our own lives. Regardless of the difficult, dark moments we go through in life, remember that the Sun is always shining and that light shines within and through us. We don't have to look for a way out when our faith shines through every dark situation we encounter and always provides a way of escape.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When do Black Lives Matter?

"It's war on the streets and a war in the Middle East..." -2Pac

#BlackLivesMatter when elections need us at the polls for them but never for us.

#BlackLivesMatter when the government wants to use tax dollars to support initiatives to fix the things they destroyed but restrict the programs from truly being successful.

#BlackLivesMatter because our people are being targets to be enslaved/incarcerated by the system and killed boldly and unjustly in the streets.

#BlackLivesMatter when more of us support HBCU's like we support our favorite artist, fashion line or gadgets.

#BlackLivesMatter  when we can spend $150 on shoes, $300 on concert tickets and $1000+ at Black owned businesses instead of $0 in supporting our own.

#BlackLivesMatter before our children get ready to go back to school and we call for parents, families and supporters.

#BlackLivesMatter looks powerful on social media, dangerous on the news yet hopeless in the streets of America.

We have mastered posts and forgotten progression. We have degrees in drama but deficiencies in unity. We have excelled in assimilation but still aren't accepted. We are not apart of the American Dream; designed before we were free. Dr. King had a Dream to help us realize that beyond slavery, we're still living in a nightmare.

#BlackLivesMatter only when the corrupt system that governs truly stands by liberty and justice for all. Changing the processes of the system begins with our vote and is followed by our engagement. We can't hold a system accountable if we aren't involved in the process. We have to love, support, protect, educate and empower ourselves first before anyone else will.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Poisoned by American Policy

America, we have a problem. While political candidates and leaders are so worried and concerned about what's happening over seas, rightfully so in some respects, they continue to ignore the issues right here in our own backyards. In fact, they make decisions that are detrimental to the lives of our children and families and don't even effective have solutions to fix problems they created. This generation of children are being poisoned by policy and we are being too silent about it. We can't get those who serve and protect us to follow proper procedures and protocols. We have a problem with our policies! 

Education In America! Education is becoming more and more privatized by the day, having the influence of large corporations and entities controlling donated monies to schools that essentially effect how children learn. Our government does not effectively invest in building the educational system. It's a harsh reality, but the systems of this country were not designed to be equitable or fair. Which is why we are still battling the same issues of class, racism, equity and equality. The question that all Americans should be asking our elected officials, our Educational leaders and ourselves is when will we STOP poisoning our children with policies designed to make profit off their productivity or lack there of? 

We are in a crisis! Presidential Candidates publicly attacked and criticized President Obama for not returning to the states to handle a crisis in Europe and many other things. It's so ironic that Americans are so eager to take on the problems of the world, but ignore the crisis right here in our own front and back yards. Many countries question are motives, are we truly trying to help or take over? As a country, our motives are what's questionable. How can for days we ignore a huge crisis such as Hurricane Katrina, or the drug, gun and gang war right here in our communities. Our children in Flint are suffering from a major water crisis and leaders are still fighting over who should have, who didn't and who isn't doing their jobs. All at the cost of people's lives. We can't begin to heal the world of it's tragedies, when we continue to ignore the ones that are within arms reach of us. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tag, You're It!

We're all guilty of it. Probably the most played game daily is the "Blame Game!" The game requires a goal, an issue, a fall guy, a victim and a villain; which one are you? 

The Blame Game is one of our biggest distractions. It reduces the rate of accountability in our lives. Look at it from the lenses of those who always fall victim to the actions of others. For example, if the church and city argue back and forth about an abandoned area that's a safety concern for youth, what happens back in forth in an argument? The city blames the church for not doing something, the church responds blaming the city and it continues on to hopefully a resolve is found. However, as the blame game is being played, who is feeling the majority of the impact? The youth! Our children become victims to the lack of accountability that adults uphold and display for themselves first and then others. 

Tag, you're it! The best way to win at Blame Game is start with holding yourself accountable. We all play a role in everything in our lives; good, bad or indifferent. We have to begin with eliminating excuses. "I'm this way because of ... ", "I've always done it like this so ..., "It's not my fault because ..." 

A) Remember the Man in the Mirror 
It starts with you! The only thing that we can control, is ourselves. Spending less time focusing on the how's and why's of what other people are doing allows for us to grow and be better. Stop using other people's actions as an excuse for yours. 

B) Take Ownership of It!
Everyone wants higher positions, more money, titles, power and a to boss, but do we really want to take ownership of it all? Accountability begins with us. We have to take ownership of the things that we do and speak. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Closed for Business

. . . something that we should be seeing on a couple of businesses that aren't providing quality service. Isn't it ironic how businesses can provide 5 Star service in some areas and provide below average serve in another? I've seen businesses thrive in areas where the parking lots are filled with trash, or certain products aren't offered or always "out", and the number #1 thing, customer service is always lacking. Why isn't there a higher standard in business? 

We have to set the standard for the businesses in our communities! For some of us, setting this standard takes a lot of work. However, the work is not impossible. We have to be consistent and intentional when it comes to setting the standard for the businesses in our communities treat us. We are the consumer. As a community we have to be mindful of our presentation and what we attract. You can't expect companies to move into a dry land. One thing I challenge my community to do is to support the businesses in our community. We have professionals that provide great services but overlook them to drive to the other side of town to impress other people. Then we wonder why our community doesn't grow and why we can't keep establishments. We also have to impress upon our neighbors to not loot, destroy, break in and trash our communities and businesses.

Changing business as usual! How can you hold the businesses in your community accountable? It starts with focus. In order to get the businesses in order, you have to get the community in order. It's been proven that a nice facility doesn't mean quality service is provided. In fact, most businesses will tell you that they recycle workers like schools in highly transient areas shift around students. In that process you miss out on things...soft skills. Basic skills needed for customer service are lacked and this stems from lack of experience and education. When we lose focus on what's important, economic empowerment, education, home ownership...then businesses won't thrive. Thriving businesses are supported by the community and the beneficial. Our reality is determined by how we handle our business. If it's not beneficial, then we should be closed to business as usual. 

Improving your community begins with the perception and mindset of the people. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

World's Greatest

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali, I'm encouraged by his focus! His drive, his strength and his ability to defeat the odds proved that the power of our mind is our strongest weapon. Too many times we accept what society thinks we should be, what it says about us, speaks about our futures. What you become is based on what your mind produces.

How are you sharpening your mind? We face challenges daily! Barriers that we face together such as racism, class-ism, sexism, discrimination because of religious beliefs, sexual orientation or cultural dynamics. These barriers weigh upon the personal struggles that we individually face from emotions, to self acceptance, fears, tragedies, loss, disappointments add to the constant battle within our minds. The amount of challenges and pressures are not what break us. It's the inability of resistance that isn't created that does. Our minds strategically map through challenges and revamps itself by creating a path of resistance to overcome the same or similar challenges as we grow. Defeat wins when we aren't growing! When we are living, speaking and exercising our minds we grow. When we embrace societal expectations; media, popular trends and keeping up with money and power, our minds create a falsehood of values that don't connect to our character. 

Our minds produce greater successes when we are focused on the right things. Muhammad Ali spoke greatest over himself every chance he had. People called it cocky, arrogant and even uncalled for but he understood that what you speak over yourself is what you become. His mind was being fed the essential of success. What are you feeding your mind? Your mind is fed through what you allow yourself to see, hear, feel and embrace. Our minds build our beliefs, embrace our character and drives passion. 

Create Your Own Story! The world's greatest didn't have a special blue print, they just had a special assignment that required them to have focus. When you're focused on your purpose, anything you dream of will come to pass. This begins in our mind! What you desire and dream become reality when your mind is focused on the end game. Keep your mind sharp by reading more, exercising, eating healthy, embracing faith, building character, seeking purpose and staying focused on your goals. 

Celebrating the World's Greatest. . . Muhammad Ali Rest in Power 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Change Your Order

Do you feel like you're running low? Always in need of something; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Then it's time to change your order? When we're unsatisfied with areas in our lives, our relationships or even ourselves; it's reflected in our actions! We can't allow circumstances to change our character.  

Sometimes we have to take some time to simply do NOTHING but relax, reflect and truly reassess where we are in our lives. This allows us to build ourselves back up. 
Sensory sustains balance. Everything isn't for everyone. Stop opening yourself up to everything because that's what throws you off balance. We have to sensor ourselves to certain things. When you're involved in everyone else's problems and lives, you begin to taken those things on as your own. It's natural, your emotions become attached and take on the problems of the world as your own. 

Balance creates stability. One of the challenges with balancing our emotions is that they are difficult to manage at times. If you go to bed and watch the wrong thing, eat the wrong thing or drink the wrong thing, you can wake up unbalanced spiritually, mentally and physically. Maintaining and creating a healthy balance for your emotions depends on how well you maintain your life style mentally, physically and spiritually.  

Stability builds consistency. You have to have a daily routine, a plan or something to manage the madness of life. Set boundaries for yourself to help you stay focused. I've learned that my stress levels are higher, I'm off balance when there are too many X factors in my game plan. Knowing your own strength is critical. Just because you're strong enough to take on things, doesn't always mean that you should. Stability builds consistency within your foundation. You'll find inconsistencies in your emotions are triggered by the spiritual, mental and physical cracks in your foundation. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Remorseful Reasoning

Just because you say "I'm Sorry" doesn't mean that you've corrected your actions for it not to happen again. As I was reading Bishop Joseph Walker's book, "Reset", he wrote something that opened my eyes instantly to many behaviors I've seen myself display. "Remorse is not conviction!" In the heat of the moment, we may act out on impulse and afterwards feel remorseful. 
What does this look like? 

If you get into a heated argument or physical altercation with someone and after the situation you say, "Dang, I'm sorry for (insert your action here) BUT "you" shouldn't have (insert excuse here), you're simply remorseful. This doesn't mean that you've put thought into correcting your actions . Remorse allows us to be apologetic but it doesn't free us our reasoning.

Sound reasoning is so important to our decision making. It shows how mature we are in our daily walks of life. Think back to your first job. Most of us were so excited to make money that we spent it as soon as that check was signed for or as soon as the directs deposit hit. But as life changes, so should we. We should be seeing ourselves now, as time as gone by, being a little more wiser with our decisions. As we experience life, we have to focus more attention on what we can control; which is ourselves. You can't change anyone else, but you can inspire, influence and motivate them to think, live and act differently through your actions, your lifestyle.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Her Story! #StartAsking

April 2012 changed my life! One day at work, my breathing started changing. Everyone told me I should go to the hospital because it seemed like I had Asthma. Considering the symptoms my doctor recommended I go get tested for MS, Arthritis, COPD…you name it I was tested for it and after a year of this one doctor said FIBROMYALGIA!

May 2013, I noticed my stomach started becoming rounder. I started to have abdominal pains. Going to my doctor, she found I had fibroids. As long as they weren’t bothering me, I shouldn’t bother them. WRONG!!! I became a regular at my doctor. I was there at least 3 times a week due to pain. I was rushed to the hospital several times and even taking myself because I needed help. Each time they would pump me full of pain medication with no real reason of why I was in soo much pain. After 8 months of crying, pain and feeling like I was being tortured I decided to open my mouth and speak to a peer about my issues. She suggested her doctor, Dr. Thaddeus Chapman of Emory Midtown. Promise Land Women’s Center is where my true journey began.

God put me in a position to where I was placed in the hands of a doctor who is God fearing and is a true believer! This was the best thing to EVER happen to me. Dr. Chapman took his time, listened to me and NEVER let me make a decision under distress. He and his staff became a support system for me and my family. June 16, 2014 he performed my first laparoscopic surgery. In one of my recent test it was discovered that one of my Fallopian tubes were damaged and that was causing the pain. However, once he was inside there was more damage than we ever imagined. BOTH Fallopian tubes were beyond compare, my abdomen was stuck to my uterus due to a severe case to endometriosis (a painful, chronic disease that occurs when tissue which lines the uterus is found outside the uterus), I had several large cyst on my ovaries and my fibroids were bigger than we could imagine. After waking up from recovery, I thought everything was great. After looking at everyone’s face, I knew there was some concern. Dr. Chapman broke the news about my tubes being damaged and the sighting of Endo. The recovery process was only 2 weeks. My stomach was sore from being ripped apart from my uterus.

Going home after the hospital I was very sad. The only thing I heard my doctor say was, “You will not be able to conceive.” I immediately went into the Why Me mode. Hearing the news became a very devastating part of my life. After all, what woman wants that right taken away from her? In this journey I found the true meaning of faith! I began to pray and have conversation with God. I asked to guidance and strength. HE gave me just that. He showed me that even if you never carry a baby you will always be a caregiver and a mother. Having full confidence I scheduled my surgery with my doctor.

On January 14, 2015 at 4:00 a.m. I sat on the edge of my bed and prayed for covering. Not for me during surgery but for my family who was petrified of me having this surgery. That day in the hospital I found a NEW ME! Before Dr. Chapman took me back to the operating room, his team gathered around my family and me and went immediately into prayer and worship. I had never seen anything like it before. I was amazed at how God knew what was needed and provided just that. I gave my parents a kiss and told them to dry their eyes that God has the battle. 4 hours later both Fallopian tubes had been removed, all of the scar tissue gone, all 16 of the fibroids removed and the cysts from my left ovary. The easy part was over! It was time for recovery…physically and mentally. My one night stay in the hospital turned into a 6 night stay. Everything happened that you could imagine. My body was not receptive to food, juice, movement…NOTHING! God was not ready for me to leave…I was still being taught. God wanted me to learn patience and strength. I have to say, I learned so much more. I learned perseverance and turning things over to God.

After I recovered, I thought my journey was over. I was wrong! 6 months later the pain came back. I was crying more, frustration rose and most importantly the disappointment I felt. I had given up my right to bear children and was still having the same issue. In efforts to not have another surgery, I was placed on a treatment that will send me directly into menopause. Can you imagine hot flashes at the age of 28?? 5 months into this treatment, I have gained lots of things that make you want to cry. I have gained weight, the medication has made my skin burn leaving scars in places you wouldn’t imagine and my hair has come out. All in all this is the best time of my life. God has a way of capturing your attention. You may not like it, it may be painful but I believe that God has given me a chance to find my true purpose in life. I believe he wants me to spread awareness in my community. Many women and even men suffer from reproductive challenges.

I don’t believe in calling anything a disease…I cannot give it power but I will acknowledge it. 1 in 8 women will have infertility troubles. Are you in the know? I encourage all of my beautiful sisters to get checked each year. Don’t let your symptoms go unchecked. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Mask

There are many masks that we wear to hide the things we don't want people to see. We wear masks to hide our identities, our beliefs and most challenging, our emotions. We're taught to keep our private lives private. Covering up, sweeping under the rug and burying away those embarrassing, heart breaking and dark things about ourselves that shame us. Why are we still wearing masks in 2016? Why do we live to please others and meet others expectations and not our own? 
Wearing a mask is not the same as code switching. Wearing a mask is not the same as blocking out negativity. Wearing a mask is covering up something about you that you don't want to be seen, don't want to deal with or aren't able to cope with in your life. Wearing a mask is making yourself change to fit the expectations of others in a job, family, faith based organization or society. Wearing mask is driven by shame and not freedom. The quest towards freedom requires us to ask ourselves why? What we cope with doesn't bind us, it propels us to grow if we shed light on it. Victory can't be obtained in darkness when you can't even see what you're fighting. We have to be the hope for others to find freedom by living in our truth. 
Life teaches us how to love ourselves and grow into who we are. It's important for people to live in their truth, embrace their truth and share their truth with others. When will it be time to take the mask off? When will it be the right time to heal from the past? 

We have to be willing to be free and live in the freedom of who we are destined to be. 

Don't be convined by the expectations of others who are connected to your destiny or your purpose. Don't change who you are because of a job/career that will never fully appreciate or respect you, family that may never embrace or accept you and people who will never understand why there's power on your name. Follow the voice of Love that is leading you every day to be free in your purpose. Don't be afraid to accept who you are and your purpose. If you don't collide with destiny, you will collide with destruction. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Case Closed! #factcheck

We were all designed for a common and unique purpose. It's time to face the F.A.C.T.S! What's hindering progression in your life? It's our calling in life to fulfill our purpose. 

We become frustrated when we don't see progression. This happens when we lose sight of our purpose. 

Ask yourself, where's purpose on my priority list? 
It's time to focus on the F A C T S! 

  • Focus - The #1 area of attack is our focus. When we become distracted by things, we lose sight of our promise. The reality is, the majority of our distractions don't even build our promise. We have to stop allowing distractions to keep us from procrastination, mediocrity and lackluster performance for our purpose. 
  • Action - We become burnt out when we feel like our actions are in vain, we're
    overwhelmed and not seeing enough results. Everything we do should connect to our purpose. There are various avenues you can take to fulfill your promise. Ensure that you actions are purposeful and always connect to building your promise. 
  • Consistency - Stop changing your vision. When the vision is given to you, stay focused and give meaningful action to fulfilling it. If one route to getting to your vision doesn't work, change the route, not the vision. Being consistent requires us to have a goal that we focus on and align our actions to get there. Change your actions, not your vision. Your vision must be consistent with your promise. 
  • Time - We all have felt as if we're racing against time. We can't control time but we can control  how we use it! I realized that I can empower the world if I haven't empowered myself. This requires taking time for you. Your first investment is yourself; spiritual, mental, physical maintenance is critical to your promise. 
  • Strategy - If there's no plan, there's no progress. Being strategic in your decisions and planning is a remedy for success. If you don't have a plan for your vision, it will remain a dream. If you aren't strategic with your plan, it won't meet it's full potential. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Odds Against You

Losing one battle doesn't mean the war is over. Every winner isn't exempt from loss, nor is every loser exempt from gains.  There will always be people in positions of power. However, all of us possess the power to influence our surroundings. The way we decide to use that power determines who's in control. 

Here's how to take control . . . 

Write the Vision! 

If you write the vision, that means you've seen something that goes beyond the eye that most people won't see until it happens. My Pastor said something that changed my perception of vision. Vision requires us to see things that aren't there. It causes us to see things beyond real time. As you are working your vision, remember:
  • Everything may not go according to the way you plan it
  • Small battles may be lost along the way 
  • Don't be distracted by defeat 

Be in Control!  
In order to be successful we have to look at how we're playing the game. Ask yourself, "am I playing to win, or just being played?" Excuses and distractions are the top things that take the control out of our hands. You can only be in control of you. You gain control of the game when you're able to control yourself; that takes the control from others. 

Staying the Course! 

"If you don't succeed at first, dust yourself off and try again" or "nothing beats a failure than a try" are all true statements. Become more than what's happened to you. Fear causes us to believe that failure defeats promise. We have to realize that timing has power over fear, failure and promise. I knew I was called to be a Teacher but the journey to entering the classroom was not easy. There were many failures, road blocks, detours but I stayed the course. I remained focused on the promise and learned from the failures. Staying the course requires us to shift our focus back to the promise so that our purpose is fulfilled and not lost in failure. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Colors in a Crayon Box

Every color in the crayon box is given a different standard; some wrapped in unjust expectations others wrapped in privilege. We live in a world where the media exploits Black on Black crime as a means to defame and discredit our race and use White on Black crime to make headlines, gain ratings and stir racial tension. Race has always mattered in America only in a sense to create division and make money. The conversations about the roots of Racism are still relevant and real today. The fight seems to always be centered around "Black" and "White" as if these are the only two colors that exist. Even beyond that, what's often overlooked and tucked away is the story of the Native Americans given the color "Red", the separation of "Brown" and "Black" the lost stories of Africans, Islanders, , the golden silence of the Asian American communities related to "Yellow", every color has a unique story that deserves to be told by it's culture for the Nation, the World to hear and see. 

We're in a war! On social media you can type in "Black Lives Matters" and over a millions quotes, stories, blogs, comments, photos, video you will find some very interesting things from all Americans. It causes us to realize that we are in midst of a race war in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement was designed to bring awareness to Police Brutality targeted at Black Americans, specifically Black men and boys. In fact, some would argue that after the election of President Barack Obama, a hidden, rarely spoken about war on Black Men became front and center to not just the Nation, but the world. Over time, many have challenged the mission and goals of the BLM movement which have left a mysterious cloud of uncertainty to citizens. 

The question that many Americans, yes many Black Americans too are asking, "Will Black lives matter to Black people?" To be honest, it's a real question; a relevant question. We have to also sweep around our own front doors. Racism is real, we all know this for a fact, but the actions many of us display towards ourselves, to our communities, children, women and Seniors wouldn't showcase Black Lives Matter. However, having pride in your beliefs and traditions doesn't make you too good or a sell out. It means you're conscious minded and awake. We are still praising gang members, drug dealers and hoodlums for selling the drugs flooded into our communities all because they through a community fish fry or give to the local church or community center. We still praise the "rolling stone mentality" praising our men and boys for making babies, walking away from responsibilities and disrespecting our women through actions, entertainment, music, etc. I agree with a few, A FEW, things Ben Carson does say about race. People should be working, our people should be working and wanting to work. I get it. Life is hard. Who is is easy for? I for one am tired of paying the way for our "kin folk" to go the Family Dollar, local mall to get shoes, nails and hair "did", groceries and things they waste. Not when more of these streets can be paved, schools remodeled, community center programs funded, etc. 

Often times, our children are suffering and we continue to support poor behavior from adults. We all do it by celebrating "thots", "sagging", "videos of kids fighting and being violent", etc. in front of children yet get mad when they do it. Children model the behavior of adults. If we continue to add to the problem of children and youth who can't read, who can't work and who won't do the right thing, then we don't have to advocate to a system that Black Lives Matter. We have to start holding ourselves accountable. This accountability doesn't take away from the fact that Police Brutality and unjust actions against any citizen is wrong and should not be tolerated. However, we have to wake up and see the need for unity not just within our race, but across color, gender and religious lines.