Saturday, January 30, 2016

Turn Up the Volume

Sticks and stones can break our bones...but words, words will certainly either build us up, tear us down or severely piss us off. The way we speak is what defines people's view of our character. This shows us that language is powerful because people's perception of us changes based on the things we do and say. In life, we can be more effective correcting a someone one on one and building them up in love.

It's not so much of what you say, but how you say it! Words that aren't spoken in love but rather in impulsive, emotional outrages don't reflect good decision making and indicates weakness. It also causes the other person(s) to feel defensive which often leads to explosive situations. I've seen many people lash out at Activists, at people or are oppressed or people who simply have a mind to think for themselves and it's disheartening. America boosts in being the land of the free; people having freedom of speech, yet we ridicule people when they speak their minds.

Turn up the volume to your message by adjusting the way you speak! Don't let your words spoken be like bullets that destroy relationships, opportunities, visions and most importantly your character.

In times of adversity and misunderstanding, remember that it's better to talk it out rather than result to shots fired.

Your vision and views can reach more people if you are consciously mindful of the way in which you speak your message and truth. 

Choose to speak life, not death
Choose to build up, not tear down
Choose to inspire!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Chained to Routine! #BreaktheCycle

Have you ever stopped and thought about those persons who don't get a break? Their cycle of life never changes. Almost like they are stuck in the complexities of our Nation.. . Poverty, homelessness, overwhelming financial debt, etc. Those fellow citizens of ours whose lives are the X factor; the lowest points we fear becoming, live this reality daily. We don't want to believe it, but There is no break!  

Look at the life of a young child growing up in poverty, in poor communities filled with crime, gang violence and poor sewage causing water concerns much like Flint, battling with sexuality, prejudices and racism in American. Looking at CNN and politicians who make decisions for you, but don't look like you. We still have many areas in America that need to be more diverse and inclusive. We get so caught up in the cycle, even as working, middle class Americans, and don't take a break to free ourselves . . . to simply enjoy life. 

In order to break the cycle of oppression in America, we collectively must address the roles that women, those defined by sexual orientation, those whose religious beliefs aren't the same as main stream America, play in ALL areas and parts of this country. We can't pick and choose the issues nor can we continue to pick and choose who succeeds in this country based on their color, religion, sexuality or any other sub group. Diversity can't change our outlook if our interior is the same. It's time for the playing fields to be leveled. 

If we're going to break the cycle, we have to address the issues. Start here:
  • Assess how much time you spend with family and loved ones
  • Do you frequently take breaks or get away
  • How much do you invest (financially, physically, and spiritually) in yourself, your family and loved ones? 
  • What is keeping you from moving into your next level of greater? 
  • What are your fear factors? 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another T.K.O

The only way to KNOCK OUT fear is to do it. We have to exercise the power of letting go. This is the first step to defeating fear. Too often, we let comfort confine us to situations that were only meant to be lessons.  We have to allow our courage to meet our faith in order to defeat our fears. There are many of us who are given dreams, visions and aspirations but feel like we are stuck in the middle of fear and faith. 

Faith allows us to beyond the point of being stuck in fear! Don't be afraid to start that business, become a homeowner, develop your brand, build your school, leave from an unhealthy situation, relationship or even job that no longer is designed for your purpose. . . the true test of your relationship with Purpose is to put faith over fear! 

Don't continue to put your dreams on hold. We will check off a million things that can be done to keep us comfortable but won't do one life changing thing to push us into our best days. Don't make a checklist built on fear! 

- Write the Vision 
- Start Saving for your Budget 
- Change Your Mindset
- Build Your Team 
- Work the plan 
Just doing it requires that you change the way you manage your finances, time and resources It requires a plan to be in place. Know what you need to do to get your vision going. In order to work the plan, you have to be able to pay for the work. Having the right people around and connected to you adds value to your vision and helps you sustain it. Remember to. . . 

. . .fear & just do it! 

Silent Suffering

Walk on by! That's what most people do. We walk by people battling depression, domestic abuse, bullying, homelessness, poverty, etc, as if it's normal. These things become "normal" because we accept the fact that society paints the picture that if you look a certain way, act a certain way, come from a certain zip code, that you deserve to be treated less than. We will use the coined phrases "It's not my business", "I'm too busy", "It has nothing to do with me", "I'm already struggling, I can't help anyone else", and the the list goes on. So we watch as people suffer in silence.
If only 6% of Americans are in the upper/wealthy class, can you image how many people in this country are living pay check to pay check? So many people having to work 2-3 jobs, part time, supplemental jobs to secure a comfortable living status. It builds stress and depression. This is the reality of many Americans, who miss time with their family, their children, daily regretting the choice of survival.

Can't relate? Maybe you aren't one of the many middle class Americans working a job(s) where they aren't getting paid their worth, undergo hardships from lack of sound leadership, many times being disrespected and enduring workplace bullying. We feel stuck, as if it's impossible to succeed and build the American dream for our families.  More often than not, the choice is to survive resulting in silent suffering. We suffer in silence daily, never revealing our personal struggles and pains resulting many times in depression. After a while, you don't realize that you're depressing your abilities to dream, to have hope, to beat the impossible because of the conditions you work under, around and through daily. However,breaking the silence frees us and opens door for impossible things to happen. 

Depression is steadily growing in America. Years ago, a research study was done on stress and depression showing how many people are battling this daily. What does this mean for the middle and working classes of America? It means that we are working even harder to prevent this from becoming our reality. We're constantly in battle with what we don't have and working to maintain what we do have. Do you know that the same amount of children, youth and young adults living in depression and poverty in 1916 is the same as today! Yes, unemployment is down, BUT the same communities, classes and races of people are still trying to work out of a systematic deficit designed for them.  That may not seem like a big deal; however, considering that our resources of educational, business, employment, health care and even home ownership opportunities have grown and expanded, morally we should be in a better place! The moral fiber of America breeds depression.

Don't be silent! The society we live in has forced us to become detached from the concept of "standing up for what we know is right!" If you work with, around or for people who need help, help them. Start with speaking! So many people are dealing with the same issues but remain silent about them out of fear.

You may be saying, it's not me! It's all of us. We all deal with disappointment, grief, failure, judgments, prejudices and the pressures responsibilities bring. Our decision to remain silent about how we feel builds depression. Be the voice that speaks out! Don't be silent about how others make you feel, how they treat you, how disappointments, failures and the pressures of life

Our silence is only golden when it's helping the situation. Break free of what binds you! - jba