Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another T.K.O

The only way to KNOCK OUT fear is to do it. We have to exercise the power of letting go. This is the first step to defeating fear. Too often, we let comfort confine us to situations that were only meant to be lessons.  We have to allow our courage to meet our faith in order to defeat our fears. There are many of us who are given dreams, visions and aspirations but feel like we are stuck in the middle of fear and faith. 

Faith allows us to beyond the point of being stuck in fear! Don't be afraid to start that business, become a homeowner, develop your brand, build your school, leave from an unhealthy situation, relationship or even job that no longer is designed for your purpose. . . the true test of your relationship with Purpose is to put faith over fear! 

Don't continue to put your dreams on hold. We will check off a million things that can be done to keep us comfortable but won't do one life changing thing to push us into our best days. Don't make a checklist built on fear! 

- Write the Vision 
- Start Saving for your Budget 
- Change Your Mindset
- Build Your Team 
- Work the plan 
Just doing it requires that you change the way you manage your finances, time and resources It requires a plan to be in place. Know what you need to do to get your vision going. In order to work the plan, you have to be able to pay for the work. Having the right people around and connected to you adds value to your vision and helps you sustain it. Remember to. . . 

. . .fear & just do it! 

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