Friday, January 29, 2016

Chained to Routine! #BreaktheCycle

Have you ever stopped and thought about those persons who don't get a break? Their cycle of life never changes. Almost like they are stuck in the complexities of our Nation.. . Poverty, homelessness, overwhelming financial debt, etc. Those fellow citizens of ours whose lives are the X factor; the lowest points we fear becoming, live this reality daily. We don't want to believe it, but There is no break!  

Look at the life of a young child growing up in poverty, in poor communities filled with crime, gang violence and poor sewage causing water concerns much like Flint, battling with sexuality, prejudices and racism in American. Looking at CNN and politicians who make decisions for you, but don't look like you. We still have many areas in America that need to be more diverse and inclusive. We get so caught up in the cycle, even as working, middle class Americans, and don't take a break to free ourselves . . . to simply enjoy life. 

In order to break the cycle of oppression in America, we collectively must address the roles that women, those defined by sexual orientation, those whose religious beliefs aren't the same as main stream America, play in ALL areas and parts of this country. We can't pick and choose the issues nor can we continue to pick and choose who succeeds in this country based on their color, religion, sexuality or any other sub group. Diversity can't change our outlook if our interior is the same. It's time for the playing fields to be leveled. 

If we're going to break the cycle, we have to address the issues. Start here:
  • Assess how much time you spend with family and loved ones
  • Do you frequently take breaks or get away
  • How much do you invest (financially, physically, and spiritually) in yourself, your family and loved ones? 
  • What is keeping you from moving into your next level of greater? 
  • What are your fear factors? 


  1. Thanks so much, I really needed this right now more than you know. It's getting crazy here in Montgomery right now. On last week an unarmed 58 yr old black man was killed by a white officer and it has been bothering me bad at the forefront of my mind. It's being investigated so who knows where it will lead. I just really need to take a break from thinking about it. Soooo, thank you for the encouraging advice this morning and at the right time.

  2. I like what you are saying. I am one to believe that this government is using all Americans to push their agenda. I do not like government playing with Americans lives and their heads. I see what is happening among the people. Why is it that this government talks about so much divisiveness and not talking about the unity of people of all colors. I see what is occurring in the process of electing a president. Why do they pander to certain groups of people? I believe they should be speaking to All Americans no matter your color, religion or beliefs. I believe to set the Americans all free we need to look at what this government's true purpose is. Government plays a role but not a role in the American's lives. We are all brothers and sisters. I understand their is inequality to the Americans with lesser means. We need to lift and encourage people to improve their lives not to be dependent on our government which the government loves because then these people become dependent on the government. When one becomes too much dependent they own us. Then we do have chains on our lives. To break these chains people need to be independent of the government. I love this country but what is happening among the people is heartbreaking. God intended us to enjoy what he has bestowed upon us instead of destroying. I may be wrong in my thinking but I speak from my heart.