Saturday, January 30, 2016

Turn Up the Volume

Sticks and stones can break our bones...but words, words will certainly either build us up, tear us down or severely piss us off. The way we speak is what defines people's view of our character. This shows us that language is powerful because people's perception of us changes based on the things we do and say. In life, we can be more effective correcting a someone one on one and building them up in love.

It's not so much of what you say, but how you say it! Words that aren't spoken in love but rather in impulsive, emotional outrages don't reflect good decision making and indicates weakness. It also causes the other person(s) to feel defensive which often leads to explosive situations. I've seen many people lash out at Activists, at people or are oppressed or people who simply have a mind to think for themselves and it's disheartening. America boosts in being the land of the free; people having freedom of speech, yet we ridicule people when they speak their minds.

Turn up the volume to your message by adjusting the way you speak! Don't let your words spoken be like bullets that destroy relationships, opportunities, visions and most importantly your character.

In times of adversity and misunderstanding, remember that it's better to talk it out rather than result to shots fired.

Your vision and views can reach more people if you are consciously mindful of the way in which you speak your message and truth. 

Choose to speak life, not death
Choose to build up, not tear down
Choose to inspire!

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