Thursday, February 4, 2016

Addictive Lifestyles

Life can be a lot handle at times. To be honest, everyone has a different way of handling the pressures and stress that can be brought about in our daily journeys. Every day that we live, it's a new story that requires us to embrace lessons that we've previously learned from what we've experienced. We have to create a healthy balance in our lives. If not, that's when we develop addictive lifestyles. The reality is that so many people don't take the time to deal with their issues. We walk around emotionally, mentally and spiritually carrying dead weight from past incidents and experiences and we never properly took the time to heal.

We don't discuss things like molestation and rape. Instead of talking about it, we cover it upWe say, "oh he/she just was "experimenting", you must have thought they did that or you must have done something to warrant someone to violate, manipulate or take advantage of you. We cover up the things that are uncomfortable for us to discuss because of fear of being judged, neglected, rejected and cast out. So we self medicate...we find ways to hide our pain and forfeit healing from inappropriate actions or feelings bestowed upon us by others. 

Healing requires us to first look at why we are at the point of addiction. Addiction is not just limited to substances Alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana but also sex, lying, power, money, bullying, idolizing people or things and most importantly routines. We become dependent upon things and people not even realizing that if we have developed this dependency because of loss, grief or depression. We overlook things not assessing their effects on us mentally. We have to strengthen our minds by silencing the chaos we experience in life. From my perspective, it's the war in the mind that causes people to find ways to silence the things they aren't strong even to battle or able to see routes to healing. Not all addictions are bad, but must be balanced and controlled. You can't control anything if you can't control your mind. 

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