Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Collapsing Walls

Every day I drive by a privately owned apartment complex in Atlanta that looks much like the picture below... wondering how the systems in this country, America, the land of the free, leaves children and families displaced; bound to nomadic conditions. 

Yes, this apartment complex was recently closed, but the reality is, months after it was closed, there were still families of mothers, fathers, children ... that lived here. Gentrification, redistricting, school closings, poverty is growing and very real in urban cities through the United States. 

The Modern Day face of poverty is now the average child that comes into a school, recreation center, after school care program. They aren't children that look "skinny", "dirty" or "unkept". Have we as middle class Americans dismissed the fact that the middle classes decline is the rise of the working poor? Do we even realize that poverty is growing? It's growing because elected officials on various levels (local, state, federal) refuse to pass bills/legislation and allocate funding to improve health care/insurance, Education, housing, transportation, etc. The system leaves our local communities in this state and forces us to either deal with it, live with it or live in it! So what's next? 

Everyday children go to a place called "home" with collapsing walls. Living like many children in Flint with poor water conditions, living in facilities that aren't well kept, mold in the walls, leaking ceilings, communities with food desserts and lack of grocery stores selling food that isn't expired or not healthy. 

We can donate to local organizations, churches with food & clothes banks and our community schools. Each one can reach one! Support can be in various ways i.e. educating others by bringing awareness, doing outreach with your church, adopting a local school, partnering with a non profit supporting families and communities. Promoting charity events. Encouraging colloborative community clean up day. Attend your community meeting...just simply active. It works, I'm doing it, we're doing, many are doing it! #BeActive #MaketheChange 

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