Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You Decide!

We all make decisions of what we want for our lives. A part of decision making includes determining how we get to the finish line. It's always right to be on the right side of decision making. We chose to either do the right thing, the wrong thing or line dance with the "in between" know, the "grey area" decisions that allow us to outwardly do the right thing but not for the right reasons. 

Making the right decision isn't always easy. In fact, there aren't many who desire to travel the road of making the decision to do the right thing because of the challenges that come with it. This decision requires a lot for less at times. When making decisions, you must consider how you want to receive the outcomes of life. Bad decisions may result in instant rewards but bring about eternal consequences. Every decision brings about good and bad outcomes. Bad decisions and poor choices result in severe consequences. 

Consequences are a part of decision making; life. Our society has always driven, it's all about me.People who make decisions with "ME" in mind; more for me, more rewards for me, more happiness for me,  often times over look the needs of others. They justify their decisions based on what our society tells us. This is how it works, success requires the sacrifice of things you love. For those of us who chose to do the right thing, our paths become even harder. It requires more because we carry the weight of not just our dreams.                             

We're all in need of redemption. 
How we live is determined by the decisions we make. Choosing to live right doesn't exempt us from pain, tragedies, struggles or personal afflictions life brings. We can all embrace the redemptive power of God. However, this too is a choice! When reality meets redemption, it forces you to acknowledge that "I too" don't always do the right thing, in the right ways, all the time. "I too" make bad decisions but accepting redemption allows me to get it right! 

Every decision won't be perfect
Every decision won't be easy 
Every decision won't always feel good,
Every decision should be made in love

Every decision should be thought out 
Every decision should be purposeful! 

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