Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Guard Your Gates!

People's perceptions become their realities. The media plays upon our emotions by what they promote. These promotions develop feelings of envy and jealousy. They also influence perception. How we perceive someone is how we handle them; forcing them into a box that we keep closed not allowing them to grow. We all have placed people in boxes because it's easier to handle what we expect them than accepting them.

People are influenced by what we hear and see and begin to speak them. Perceptions displayed in the media shape how we want to wear our hair, change our bodies, how we dress and even how we should feel. Those who choose to be different or be themselves are often times ridiculed, shunned and cast out by society because they chose to go against the grain. 

Don't think that those jealous of you are just those who "hate" on you. It can be family, friends, loved ones, co workers, fraternity/sorority members, etc...jealousy doesn't have a race, religion, creed or culture it flocks to...it's open to anyone. The best ways to handle jealousy, insecurities and opinions are to

  • know who you are
  • be comfortable with who you are  
  • do not be easily persuaded by the "hype" on what you should be, how you should feel and what you should look like 

Insecurities are a result of perceptions. The results of insecurities are seen through actions caused by envy and jealousy. Even opinions can stem from insecurities because most people give opinions without solution, turning them from constructive criticism or helpful peer review to tools of destruction.

Handling Insecurities in Others

Find their strengths. People who are jealous of you or are insecure of themselves are often lacking something internally or aren't even sure of the gifts/talents they have to be great...

Kill them with Kindness. This doesn't mean be weak allowing them to use and/or run over you, but taking the high road and imparting love into them as opposed to lashing out against how they act towards you...

Call out their actions. Don't read them, or go off on them, but have a respectful conversation that is upfront about their attitude and actions. Call it out. People won't do better if they aren't held accountable...

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