Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Guilty or Not? America's Crime

..".but the children shall not suffer!" 
Now the statement becomes the question, are the children suffering on our watch? 

We want to hold Educators solely accountable for children's success but not parents, not Education policy makers; just anyone but us.  We want to hold entertainers accountable but not politicians; just anyone but us.  We want to hold the any one, body or thing accountable but not ourselves. Just anyone, but us huh?  If we continue to remain silent on these issues and shifting accountability through the "Blame Game", then the issues needed to be dealt with will never get fixed. 

In America, what you have access to shapes your actions, options and thoughts. Regardless of how access is granted, through lineage, inheritance or business, the privilege afforded by access exposes us to better conditions of living. Image if you had access to get in any school you wanted, money, jobs, skill training, political influence and power, etc. I'm sure you'd be in a different position. The American dream has always protected those afforded privilege, exempting them from certain aspects of life i.e. poverty, homelessness, poor educational options, low health care, drug & gang involved, lower income communities, etc.

The fight for equity and equality is a very real fight for freedom in America. The running ABC show, "American Crime" is putting in the face of the Nation our reality when it comes to economics, education, sexuality, rape and racism. The realistic story-lines that capture the effects of these things reflect where and who we are as a society, as a Nation. It shows us equality and equity from upper to lower class and what life is like on each side and life in the middle. 

As we are in election season, I'm challenging you to be more connected to the issues concerning the greater community and not just your tax bracket.Be accountable and also hold your elected officials accountable. Economic power is the way to make change. Support small owned and minority businesses. Be equitable with your spending. Spending is also an investment. Why would we continue to empower those who support oppressive conditions of living in this country? Don't be a part of the real American crime; the disparity of equitable and equal access. 

Shout out to the ABC series, American Crime for bringing the issues of equity, equality and education in American to the forefront. 

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