Monday, February 15, 2016

I am American, not just a color!

The World Must Unite in U.N.I.T.Y 
We get that all lives matter, but, much like in other parts of the world, Black Lives, Brown Lives or any minority group in America's lives matter who are facing oppression from the system. What we need now is U.N.I.T.Y of the people. That's right! I'm soliciting your support in helping promote the "UNITY Campaign"! We can embrace the possibility of change in this country we if don't begin to become unified. 

That means, I'm an American, not just a color. That doesn't mean I throw my religious or cultural beliefs and traditions away. It means that I'm taking progressive steps daily to live in freedom rather than in fear. I'm choosing to love rather than to hate. It takes boldness to live this:

In America, many people use their platforms for many reasons. Society reinforces that serious matters shouldn't be discussed to keep down tension. We complain, complain, complain, we promote things that don't build up our children, our communities, our families or ourselves. We can't possibly want a better America when collectively we are all so divisive, in silos, fighting for our place in a main stream society; a society doesn't even accept our cultural differences.

UNITY Campaign 2016 

I'd like to challenge every reader of this blog to consider doing the following and simply help spread unity this year. Here's how:

  1. Speak in Love!
  2. Embrace cultural differences
  3. Be open minded to others way of thinking 
  4. Support others!
  5. Be Active in the greater community! 
Support people who are ethical, professional and doing work that makes a difference. Actively support local schools and non profits in your community or your college/university. Identify a cause that may connect to health, education, social justice, etc. Unity is a worthy investment. You're not just investing in yourself but others. U.N.I.T.Y, one's success is our success. #Unity #BetterTogether

Be inspired to help spread the message of UNITY in Love

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