Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ode to Dad

God blessed this world with a great man, father, brother, leaders, business owner and giver who would be named Darryl G. Allen on this day, February 9th...55 years in the making! So on today I celebrate him and all the influential, Black fathers making a difference! 

When I think about the impact that my father has had on my life, my family, friends, loved ones and our community, I'm proud. He is defeating the odds through the favor of God, I'm amazed at his vision, his wisdom and his drive. Raised by Lillie Mae Allen Young, my father grew up in the town of Wake Forest, NC as a young boy with a dream. He persevered, in spite of! He is an inspiration to many, teaching them how to be a better man, a better husband, a better father and a better business man. He gives back to his community, local schools, churches and families. 

When we look at the issues of this society and the depiction of Black men, I'm proud to be connected to a Black Man that can. We don't celebrate our Black men doing the work enough. My father changed the course. He reversed the curse!  He did for our family and many others what wasn't done for him by his father. He defeats excuses and the reasons to not simply act in love. He has taught me that a father is a great asset to the family but a strong, God fearing man is even more beneficial. I'm thankful for the man God has placed in my life as a "Dad"! One of the things my father taught me is that real men raise up their families and communities, even in the absence of those men who should be doing the work but aren't. So here's my ode to Dad, one of the greatest men I know. 

Check out Darryl Allen's PLUS and celebrate the legacy, heritage and vision of a man who believes in God, family and community!