Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Source of Your Investments is YOU!

"You can be the next Bill Gates, or the next Oprah, but how do we turn our income into wealth? We have to get more for what we pay. The message behind "eat first, drink later", is just what it says. If you eat first (if you invest in yourself first), you'll still have enough room (assets/capital) to drink or enjoy later. Don't waste your tax refund, bonus check on things that will only last a couple days/weeks. INVEST! Be wise about how you use your funds and resources. 

The first thing I discovered in studying how other millionaires became wealthy is that they had a vision. Then they developed the plan, built the right team and worked the plan. It's that simple! Going from rich to wealthy is a goal and vision that my father has and we are working the plan. You work the plan by making sound financial decisions. This requires an accountant, attorney and/or a financial investor to help you make and close on the best deals. 

Building wealth requires home ownership, actually paying off the loan in substantial time. Increasing your credit, keeping debt low and paying yourself! Investing in your church, finding a charity/cause/non profit. Most importantly, invest in yourself by maintaining your health, lowering stress and eating better. You can't live a healthy life if you don't invest in balance. 
Assets are great, but remember that building your legacy requires investing in maintaining your character. That decision doesn't exempt you from bad decisions; it just protects you from losing your investments. Invest in your family, your vision and the purpose you were destined to fulfill. Invest more time and love in those things that aren't trendy or fashionable like family, loved ones, pets, traditions, causes and charities and life. Invest more in these things because the legacy built on a foundation made of sand, won't stand for long. 

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