Friday, February 5, 2016

To Beat or Not to Beat?

To beat or not beat, that is the question. The expectations, media buzz and societal pressures women are faced with in regards to the usage of make up, expectations of size, preferences in skin color, forced enhancers, etc., often define the expectations of beauty in our society. 

Kim Fields of RHOA organized a "Beatless Breakfast" for the other cast members which really brought the conversation of beauty, what is now becoming more acceptable in our society to the forefront.  It's also creates a conversation about how has our race and culture grown in our sense of self acceptance and beauty. 

Check out this amazing performance by Jazzmine Sullivan - "Massacre"

Be beautiful! I believe that women have really helped set the tone for the expectation of beauty of this generation; what it looks like in so many various aspects.It's a personal choice that should be respected by others because everyone has freedom of choice. The decision to beat your face, to get nails done, add hair extensions, get breast, face, stomach, waist trims, extensions and enhancements done, etc., are all a choice. If it's done for the gratification of self, then by all means the opinions of others don't matter.  

We all have the right to do it if we choose. Of course, beauty isn't just external, but internal as well connecting to character, attitude and personality. 

Be bold, be beautiful and by all means, support Wink Beauty Bar in Atlanta and get those faces beat!


  1. I grew up with a mother who rarely wore makeup, short hair, and had a complexion that appeared caramelized. Needless to say, my affinity is for the natural. Makeup is fine, hair, and enhancements too. You have to do what makes you feel good, but always be certain that it's for you.

  2. I absolutely agree JB Allen! I truly believe beauty is expressed internally as well as externally, but you must do it for you FIRST! I have seen some women in a panic because their hair or makeup isn't done so much so their countenance is beyond low. So again I agree with you make a choice and be beautiful you!

  3. Is beauty Skin deep? has always been a confecting question to me. I've have always hated being called pretty. To me pretty is looking at the external feature where as beauty is your internal features as well as the external. Which is why I ask is a woman beautiful because has a "pretty" face and a good looking body or is she beautiful because she is kind hearted and is happy with the body she has?