Thursday, February 11, 2016


Starting over! It's not easy but it's possible.

We all have to get to a place in our lives where we turn the page. That may mean walking away from relationships that aren't healthy, leaving behind bad habits, leaving that job where you're comfortable but not purpose-filled. Realizing that something needs to be done isn't near as challenging as identifying a way(s) to make it happen and then being able to follow the process.

Everyone can attest to having something and not being ready for it? Some of us wanted that position at work, the new car, love, new house, etc., and realized in the process that we simply just weren't ready to handle it. The only thing worst than having lost something that you desired or wanted so much is not seeing the value in yourself to pick yourself back up and turn the page. 

We do a reset on our gadgets. We remodel our homes. We get our cars tuned up. So, it's also necessary for us to assess our lives, push the stop button on some things and start over. Things that keep us from turning the page:


The only way to overcome fear, dependency, guilt, depression, failure and shame are to realize that these things are a part of life and that they don't have to become a way of life. There are new moments ahead that give you freedom. The power of turning the page allows you to start new, to be free from the things that held you captive from living your best life. Forget those things of the past and press forward; turn the page! 

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