Monday, February 1, 2016

Unidentified Bodies!

Gun Violence & Gang Violence and the systematic effects it has on innocent by-standers is growing in America.

Bullets don't have names on them, yet they claim the lives of innocent people year after year. Gun Control can definitely be improved, but the system isn't going to do this without a collective push from the people. Unfortunately, the Gun Industry is a thriving money pit and it's at the expense of human capital; innocent lives, that are lost annually due to the love of money.

How do we reclaim our communities that are poverty stricken, flooded with guns and Gang violence? Here are four ways we can work together to make the change!

#1 - Applying the principal of Umoja (UNITY). We must rebuild the image of family that includes our blood lines, our communities and our cultures. It's going to take a unified umbrella to Stop the Violence; separate programs, events, etc., with the same message. We are better together. #unity

#2 - Providing more resources, activities and creative outlets for our youth that allow them to define who they are in this society as opposed to being defined by society. Example: Providing community based programs sponsored by faith based orgs, non profits, fraternal organizations, etc.

#3 - Economic Empowerment! Why not make our communities have the same businesses, restaurants, shopping, etc that we seek in a higher household income area of the city? The Black consumer market is the highest, why aren't our Black and minority owned businesses thriving more? Example to promote change: Support local business owners in your community first. We should provide and demand quality service from our own and give the opportunity to give back to us.

#4 - Social Networking - This generation of young adults uses Social Media to post about everything. We should use this to our advantage and promote community building, the importance of Education, financial empowerment, ways for us to support our youth and celebrate the success of those doing the work. It takes a village! 
Yes we can, do something without spending money or taking up a lot of time. Use your platform to build awareness, provide resources and spread the unified message that we can reclaim our communities and this generation of youth by working together.

Together, we can provide positive outlets that will help decrease illegal gun distribution and selling in our community and reduce gang and gun violence. We can . . . 



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