Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Authentic Love

Can love become tainted over time?  It can if it's not nourished. We measure the authenticity of our relationships on the principles of trust, honesty, passion.We must first develop this within ourselves. Love requires us to be 100% authentic with ourselves and others. Regardless of what the draw is, there has to be a realization that Love has to be nourished. If it's not, it becomes tainted by the things we encounter in life. 

Authentic Love requires you to be active. We can't embrace love if we aren't practicing it. Many times our relationships become stale because we aren't practicing love. Our intentions and lifestyles effect the way we love. Why we do things influences how we do them. Whenever we do things for selfish gain, it's often times at the expense of others; including those we love. Our lifestyle is a reflection of how authentic our love is. When we love someone and it's authentic, we don't have a choice but to tell them the truth, to honor, respect and support them. Authenticity is our raw character reflected through our actions; our expressions of love. 

Authentic Love requires us to do an assessment of our methods of expressing love to others. We have to check our actions to see if they are truly adding up to what we're professing. We can't profess to love others and protect them from responsibility and accountability. Our actions are driven by our motives. What we want for people may not be what's designed for them. We can't profess to love others and then shelter or devalue their purpose. Our motives at times can be selfish and self centered and we have to check it! Authenticity challenges us to live and act in love unconditionally. It forces us to check our motives, intentions and expressions of love. 

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