Thursday, March 31, 2016

Colors in a Crayon Box

Every color in the crayon box is given a different standard; some wrapped in unjust expectations others wrapped in privilege. We live in a world where the media exploits Black on Black crime as a means to defame and discredit our race and use White on Black crime to make headlines, gain ratings and stir racial tension. Race has always mattered in America only in a sense to create division and make money. The conversations about the roots of Racism are still relevant and real today. The fight seems to always be centered around "Black" and "White" as if these are the only two colors that exist. Even beyond that, what's often overlooked and tucked away is the story of the Native Americans given the color "Red", the separation of "Brown" and "Black" the lost stories of Africans, Islanders, , the golden silence of the Asian American communities related to "Yellow", every color has a unique story that deserves to be told by it's culture for the Nation, the World to hear and see. 

We're in a war! On social media you can type in "Black Lives Matters" and over a millions quotes, stories, blogs, comments, photos, video you will find some very interesting things from all Americans. It causes us to realize that we are in midst of a race war in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement was designed to bring awareness to Police Brutality targeted at Black Americans, specifically Black men and boys. In fact, some would argue that after the election of President Barack Obama, a hidden, rarely spoken about war on Black Men became front and center to not just the Nation, but the world. Over time, many have challenged the mission and goals of the BLM movement which have left a mysterious cloud of uncertainty to citizens. 

The question that many Americans, yes many Black Americans too are asking, "Will Black lives matter to Black people?" To be honest, it's a real question; a relevant question. We have to also sweep around our own front doors. Racism is real, we all know this for a fact, but the actions many of us display towards ourselves, to our communities, children, women and Seniors wouldn't showcase Black Lives Matter. However, having pride in your beliefs and traditions doesn't make you too good or a sell out. It means you're conscious minded and awake. We are still praising gang members, drug dealers and hoodlums for selling the drugs flooded into our communities all because they through a community fish fry or give to the local church or community center. We still praise the "rolling stone mentality" praising our men and boys for making babies, walking away from responsibilities and disrespecting our women through actions, entertainment, music, etc. I agree with a few, A FEW, things Ben Carson does say about race. People should be working, our people should be working and wanting to work. I get it. Life is hard. Who is is easy for? I for one am tired of paying the way for our "kin folk" to go the Family Dollar, local mall to get shoes, nails and hair "did", groceries and things they waste. Not when more of these streets can be paved, schools remodeled, community center programs funded, etc. 

Often times, our children are suffering and we continue to support poor behavior from adults. We all do it by celebrating "thots", "sagging", "videos of kids fighting and being violent", etc. in front of children yet get mad when they do it. Children model the behavior of adults. If we continue to add to the problem of children and youth who can't read, who can't work and who won't do the right thing, then we don't have to advocate to a system that Black Lives Matter. We have to start holding ourselves accountable. This accountability doesn't take away from the fact that Police Brutality and unjust actions against any citizen is wrong and should not be tolerated. However, we have to wake up and see the need for unity not just within our race, but across color, gender and religious lines. 

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