Thursday, March 17, 2016

Control or Consumption

"We can only control us, not anything or anyone else!" My therapist shared that with me some years ago. I found this to be one of the most freeing phrases that helped me to change my way of thinking. Why worry about what others are doing when you can't control their actions? Worrying causes us to have unhealthy habits that are developed due to undesired stress that causes us to act out of character. In fact, we lose out on our investments when we worry. 
Worrying causes us to focus more attention on the problem instead of the solutions. It causes division because with problems comes blame. The blame game destroys accountability that effects productivity. This develops prejudices and blocks forgiveness. By the end of the day our minds and hearts have been darkened because we've allowed worrying about other peoples actions to take away from our light; which dampens our purpose. 

Sometimes you want to scream "you're getting on my damn nerves!" It's true, people get tired of the way others treat them. However, complaining about it, combating it, going against the grain, getting them told isn't going to fix the problem. Your reaction to chaos, confusion and poor choices from others determines who is in control. If every time someone does something and it causes your blood pressure to go, your demeanor and mood to change and make your day go sour, then it's time to press pause, reevaluate and reset. 

Know your limits! Worrying about things we can't control takes away from our success, it distracts us from our purpose and it causes us to become the very thing that has gotten on our nerves. I learned a lesson on taking the high road recently. Taking the high road isn't solely about maintaining sanity and doing the right thing. It also forces you to live by the law of Love. Unconditional means in spite of our response should be the Light that reflects to those who do or cause things that get on your nerves to see the error of their ways. Don't let your Light be overshadowed or darkened by stress that comes from worrying about things that are out of your control. In order to be in control of the situation, you have to start with knowing your limits! 

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