Monday, March 28, 2016

Do it for the Vine!

So what's next? After the days of Lent, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, what's next for the church? ACTION! Starting here in America, we are in the mist of a human rights war that can only be ended by a spiritual revival. The world we live subjects our children civil unrest due to terrorist threats and my question is, what will the church do beyond praying? Don't just be a visitor on special holidays, or regular Sundays. Be inspired to do your work and make the power of the Resurrection real in the lives of those you come across. 

Each one can reach one! After the celebration of Easter, it's time for action. I would love to see more churches doing more mission work in their own backyards first! We have a literacy problem in America. Let's be honest. If your church is sending 4,000 books to Africa but your children sitting in children's church can't spell the church name correctly let alone their own names then Houston, we have a problem! The women's and children shelters are full in most cities. How many churches own shelters, apartment complexes or affordable housing units, food banks, community centers? To me, this is where the outreach from the church is needed. The power of the resurrection inspires us to take action and do the work.

It's time! We can't continue the shouting, singing, dancing, praying, praising and worshiping with no follow up or action! Action begins first with our character, how we honor God by treating other people simply as decent, human beings. Helping our fellow man in need. Doing the work in the church is made complete by the work that's done outside of the walls of the church. What's next after the Resurrection is action. The life of Jesus, or even modern day prophets focused on the work building up others in Love. That's the common denominator. What we do is what makes the difference! The manner in which we do it makes the change. Work now and shine later after your purpose has been fulfilled. 

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