Thursday, March 24, 2016

(fill in the blank)

What label are you wearing today? We are always filling in the blanks, but what happens after those blanks are filled in? We are often judged, ridiculed, shunned, cast out, bullied and placed in a box due to how we have labeled, classified or identified ourselves. Why do we allow people to fill in the blanks of our lives. We have to stop giving the world control of who we are by reclaiming our identities. 

I AM Black, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Brown 
I AM Atheist, Muslim, Spiritualist, Naturalist, Christian
I AM Male, Female, Trans-gendered or Other 
I AM Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi Sexual, Asexual 

Do labels confine us? I don't recall a time in life ever not having to classify myself. Our society has crafted cultural dynamics to put people in boxes. We separate ourselves based on zip codes, income, family lineage, religion, race, sexuality, if you like Coke or Pepsi, everything is designed to separate one from another. Being able to identify with like minded people, those with the same beliefs, ideals and cultural practices is always a plus. In fact, it's needed. However, in a society that determines what's acceptable, what's tolerated, what's allowed or "approved" , these classifications don't always render positive outcomes. The "system" gathers all the details that make up who we are, how we live and our freedom to do so and uses it to perpetuate the hatred that we see demonstrated so much in our daily lives. 

Religion divides us into sub groups and society takes advantage of this to further prevent Christians from working with Muslims, from Spiritualist & Naturalist, Buddhists, etc. to be accepted into the melting pot/main stream culture of America. In fact, with declining numbers of citizens identifying as Christian, this is such a time where all people should be embraced. Unfortunately it is not so because even our religions have separatist ideals that not only separate us by domination or practice but also by color!

RACE does matter! It's very apparent with the Presidential candidates, with the resurgence of Civil & Social Rights Movements, race does matter. We are constantly reminded about the color of our skin. The darker your skin, the more your are exposed to prejudices,stereotypes, profiling and often times denied access due to fear of these things. The lighter your skin color, the more you are susceptible to privilege that excludes you from the struggle. 

It's our freedom of speech, our right to protest, speak out and in most cases perpetuate the hatred of a system that forces us into a box from how we are classified. A society that uses "Biblical" principals that uplifts the enslavement of persons by color; forcing the belief that one color is dominant over the other. A society that tells us that we should hate persons with different sexual preferences or religions in the name of "Biblical" principals that also press the teachings of Love. 

Be free to be you. Be proud of your heritage, culture and the way that you were designed. Embrace your freedom to choose who you want to live and how you choose to live. When you (fill in the blank) ________________________________ ,are you signing yourself over to injustice? Think about it. 

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