Monday, March 21, 2016

Put the Phone Down!

Reading is fundamental...and not just the reads people use to take digs at someone else. One of the key things that attributes to the longevity after God/faith, love and family, is reading. Reading helps to keep your mind sharp which makes a bigger difference to how we manage physical changes of our bodies. It also keeps us alert and aware of how to keep our minds stable, active and strong. Having a strong mind is just as essential to living as having a fit body but someone this generation is missing this connection. In fact, our youth today's reading levels are lower than those of our great grandparents, many who weren't able to finish 3rd - 5th grade, but read more affluently than our youth now. 

How are you working out your mind? It's great that technology allows everything to be accessible to us but it also cripples our ability to do things. We can sit in one chair, read on our phones or devices, workout, make a phone call, send and email and fax without evening having to move or think. While this is great, sometimes it's more empowering for us to break this norm. As technology is a very valuable tool, sometimes it does too much. We have to turn it off so that we can continue to sharpen our minds. Take time to read the newspaper, pick up a magazine, read the latest journal, blog or even letters. Letter writing isn't outdated, just reform. While text and instant messaging is good, nothing beats a letter. 

Our society out-dates things and then reinvents them. One thing that will never be outdated is reading. Most errors are made when people don't take the time to read. 

#1 Take time in the mornings and evenings to read
#2 Join or start a book club with neighbors, friends 
#3 Challenge yourself to write cards and/or letters to the seniors in your family at least three times a year 
#4 Volunteer to read at a school, early learning center or summer camp 

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