Monday, April 11, 2016

Odds Against You

Losing one battle doesn't mean the war is over. Every winner isn't exempt from loss, nor is every loser exempt from gains.  There will always be people in positions of power. However, all of us possess the power to influence our surroundings. The way we decide to use that power determines who's in control. 

Here's how to take control . . . 

Write the Vision! 

If you write the vision, that means you've seen something that goes beyond the eye that most people won't see until it happens. My Pastor said something that changed my perception of vision. Vision requires us to see things that aren't there. It causes us to see things beyond real time. As you are working your vision, remember:
  • Everything may not go according to the way you plan it
  • Small battles may be lost along the way 
  • Don't be distracted by defeat 

Be in Control!  
In order to be successful we have to look at how we're playing the game. Ask yourself, "am I playing to win, or just being played?" Excuses and distractions are the top things that take the control out of our hands. You can only be in control of you. You gain control of the game when you're able to control yourself; that takes the control from others. 

Staying the Course! 

"If you don't succeed at first, dust yourself off and try again" or "nothing beats a failure than a try" are all true statements. Become more than what's happened to you. Fear causes us to believe that failure defeats promise. We have to realize that timing has power over fear, failure and promise. I knew I was called to be a Teacher but the journey to entering the classroom was not easy. There were many failures, road blocks, detours but I stayed the course. I remained focused on the promise and learned from the failures. Staying the course requires us to shift our focus back to the promise so that our purpose is fulfilled and not lost in failure.