Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Mask

There are many masks that we wear to hide the things we don't want people to see. We wear masks to hide our identities, our beliefs and most challenging, our emotions. We're taught to keep our private lives private. Covering up, sweeping under the rug and burying away those embarrassing, heart breaking and dark things about ourselves that shame us. Why are we still wearing masks in 2016? Why do we live to please others and meet others expectations and not our own? 
Wearing a mask is not the same as code switching. Wearing a mask is not the same as blocking out negativity. Wearing a mask is covering up something about you that you don't want to be seen, don't want to deal with or aren't able to cope with in your life. Wearing a mask is making yourself change to fit the expectations of others in a job, family, faith based organization or society. Wearing mask is driven by shame and not freedom. The quest towards freedom requires us to ask ourselves why? What we cope with doesn't bind us, it propels us to grow if we shed light on it. Victory can't be obtained in darkness when you can't even see what you're fighting. We have to be the hope for others to find freedom by living in our truth. 
Life teaches us how to love ourselves and grow into who we are. It's important for people to live in their truth, embrace their truth and share their truth with others. When will it be time to take the mask off? When will it be the right time to heal from the past? 

We have to be willing to be free and live in the freedom of who we are destined to be. 

Don't be convined by the expectations of others who are connected to your destiny or your purpose. Don't change who you are because of a job/career that will never fully appreciate or respect you, family that may never embrace or accept you and people who will never understand why there's power on your name. Follow the voice of Love that is leading you every day to be free in your purpose. Don't be afraid to accept who you are and your purpose. If you don't collide with destiny, you will collide with destruction. 

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