Thursday, May 26, 2016

Change Your Order

Do you feel like you're running low? Always in need of something; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Then it's time to change your order? When we're unsatisfied with areas in our lives, our relationships or even ourselves; it's reflected in our actions! We can't allow circumstances to change our character.  

Sometimes we have to take some time to simply do NOTHING but relax, reflect and truly reassess where we are in our lives. This allows us to build ourselves back up. 
Sensory sustains balance. Everything isn't for everyone. Stop opening yourself up to everything because that's what throws you off balance. We have to sensor ourselves to certain things. When you're involved in everyone else's problems and lives, you begin to taken those things on as your own. It's natural, your emotions become attached and take on the problems of the world as your own. 

Balance creates stability. One of the challenges with balancing our emotions is that they are difficult to manage at times. If you go to bed and watch the wrong thing, eat the wrong thing or drink the wrong thing, you can wake up unbalanced spiritually, mentally and physically. Maintaining and creating a healthy balance for your emotions depends on how well you maintain your life style mentally, physically and spiritually.  

Stability builds consistency. You have to have a daily routine, a plan or something to manage the madness of life. Set boundaries for yourself to help you stay focused. I've learned that my stress levels are higher, I'm off balance when there are too many X factors in my game plan. Knowing your own strength is critical. Just because you're strong enough to take on things, doesn't always mean that you should. Stability builds consistency within your foundation. You'll find inconsistencies in your emotions are triggered by the spiritual, mental and physical cracks in your foundation. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Remorseful Reasoning

Just because you say "I'm Sorry" doesn't mean that you've corrected your actions for it not to happen again. As I was reading Bishop Joseph Walker's book, "Reset", he wrote something that opened my eyes instantly to many behaviors I've seen myself display. "Remorse is not conviction!" In the heat of the moment, we may act out on impulse and afterwards feel remorseful. 
What does this look like? 

If you get into a heated argument or physical altercation with someone and after the situation you say, "Dang, I'm sorry for (insert your action here) BUT "you" shouldn't have (insert excuse here), you're simply remorseful. This doesn't mean that you've put thought into correcting your actions . Remorse allows us to be apologetic but it doesn't free us our reasoning.

Sound reasoning is so important to our decision making. It shows how mature we are in our daily walks of life. Think back to your first job. Most of us were so excited to make money that we spent it as soon as that check was signed for or as soon as the directs deposit hit. But as life changes, so should we. We should be seeing ourselves now, as time as gone by, being a little more wiser with our decisions. As we experience life, we have to focus more attention on what we can control; which is ourselves. You can't change anyone else, but you can inspire, influence and motivate them to think, live and act differently through your actions, your lifestyle.