Saturday, June 4, 2016

World's Greatest

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali, I'm encouraged by his focus! His drive, his strength and his ability to defeat the odds proved that the power of our mind is our strongest weapon. Too many times we accept what society thinks we should be, what it says about us, speaks about our futures. What you become is based on what your mind produces.

How are you sharpening your mind? We face challenges daily! Barriers that we face together such as racism, class-ism, sexism, discrimination because of religious beliefs, sexual orientation or cultural dynamics. These barriers weigh upon the personal struggles that we individually face from emotions, to self acceptance, fears, tragedies, loss, disappointments add to the constant battle within our minds. The amount of challenges and pressures are not what break us. It's the inability of resistance that isn't created that does. Our minds strategically map through challenges and revamps itself by creating a path of resistance to overcome the same or similar challenges as we grow. Defeat wins when we aren't growing! When we are living, speaking and exercising our minds we grow. When we embrace societal expectations; media, popular trends and keeping up with money and power, our minds create a falsehood of values that don't connect to our character. 

Our minds produce greater successes when we are focused on the right things. Muhammad Ali spoke greatest over himself every chance he had. People called it cocky, arrogant and even uncalled for but he understood that what you speak over yourself is what you become. His mind was being fed the essential of success. What are you feeding your mind? Your mind is fed through what you allow yourself to see, hear, feel and embrace. Our minds build our beliefs, embrace our character and drives passion. 

Create Your Own Story! The world's greatest didn't have a special blue print, they just had a special assignment that required them to have focus. When you're focused on your purpose, anything you dream of will come to pass. This begins in our mind! What you desire and dream become reality when your mind is focused on the end game. Keep your mind sharp by reading more, exercising, eating healthy, embracing faith, building character, seeking purpose and staying focused on your goals. 

Celebrating the World's Greatest. . . Muhammad Ali Rest in Power 

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