Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tag, You're It!

We're all guilty of it. Probably the most played game daily is the "Blame Game!" The game requires a goal, an issue, a fall guy, a victim and a villain; which one are you? 

The Blame Game is one of our biggest distractions. It reduces the rate of accountability in our lives. Look at it from the lenses of those who always fall victim to the actions of others. For example, if the church and city argue back and forth about an abandoned area that's a safety concern for youth, what happens back in forth in an argument? The city blames the church for not doing something, the church responds blaming the city and it continues on to hopefully a resolve is found. However, as the blame game is being played, who is feeling the majority of the impact? The youth! Our children become victims to the lack of accountability that adults uphold and display for themselves first and then others. 

Tag, you're it! The best way to win at Blame Game is start with holding yourself accountable. We all play a role in everything in our lives; good, bad or indifferent. We have to begin with eliminating excuses. "I'm this way because of ... ", "I've always done it like this so ..., "It's not my fault because ..." 

A) Remember the Man in the Mirror 
It starts with you! The only thing that we can control, is ourselves. Spending less time focusing on the how's and why's of what other people are doing allows for us to grow and be better. Stop using other people's actions as an excuse for yours. 

B) Take Ownership of It!
Everyone wants higher positions, more money, titles, power and a to boss, but do we really want to take ownership of it all? Accountability begins with us. We have to take ownership of the things that we do and speak. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Closed for Business

. . . something that we should be seeing on a couple of businesses that aren't providing quality service. Isn't it ironic how businesses can provide 5 Star service in some areas and provide below average serve in another? I've seen businesses thrive in areas where the parking lots are filled with trash, or certain products aren't offered or always "out", and the number #1 thing, customer service is always lacking. Why isn't there a higher standard in business? 

We have to set the standard for the businesses in our communities! For some of us, setting this standard takes a lot of work. However, the work is not impossible. We have to be consistent and intentional when it comes to setting the standard for the businesses in our communities treat us. We are the consumer. As a community we have to be mindful of our presentation and what we attract. You can't expect companies to move into a dry land. One thing I challenge my community to do is to support the businesses in our community. We have professionals that provide great services but overlook them to drive to the other side of town to impress other people. Then we wonder why our community doesn't grow and why we can't keep establishments. We also have to impress upon our neighbors to not loot, destroy, break in and trash our communities and businesses.

Changing business as usual! How can you hold the businesses in your community accountable? It starts with focus. In order to get the businesses in order, you have to get the community in order. It's been proven that a nice facility doesn't mean quality service is provided. In fact, most businesses will tell you that they recycle workers like schools in highly transient areas shift around students. In that process you miss out on things...soft skills. Basic skills needed for customer service are lacked and this stems from lack of experience and education. When we lose focus on what's important, economic empowerment, education, home ownership...then businesses won't thrive. Thriving businesses are supported by the community and the beneficial. Our reality is determined by how we handle our business. If it's not beneficial, then we should be closed to business as usual. 

Improving your community begins with the perception and mindset of the people.