Thursday, September 29, 2016

Missing Ingredients

Everyone will tell you to have a plan, to build investments, to expand your network, to try this, try that... but until you have the missing ingredients, your vision won't reach it's full potential. Loyalty, Honor and Support are the missing ingredients to success that you won't hear many people discuss. 


What's your loyalty level? Sometimes we are more loyal to celebrities, dignitaries, characters on shows, movies, books, our pets, even our jobs or worships centers, but is that same loyalty shown to those we love? We faithfully, day in and day out, punch a clock, feed our pets, make sure we record or tune into the latest show, movie or network series but won't commit to volunteering at schools, shelters or outreach programs. If we aren't careful, we'll find ourselves being more loyal to the things that take away from our investments than actually being loyal to our investments. Not your home, car, clothes, etc., but the investments such as family, loved ones, relationships and our character are the things that often times lack our true loyalty because we become distracted. 


Honor, seems like a basic principal that many people in our society just don't seem to grasp. Honor is built upon respect starting with self first. I hear many people say that I don't honor this or that because he/she/it didn't . . ., they weren't, ... they never. After a while, the cycle never ends if we continue giving people control over our emotions and not being accountable for our actions. People work so hard to be what they don't want to become not realizing that they become that very thing because they don't own it. We have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. You gain honor by giving it, by taking hold to it and embracing it's reality. Compassion allows you to uphold honor in-spite of what may or my not be given back to you. 


Give, Take, Replenish has become take, take, take and when empty leave and take from somewhere else. Where's the reciprocity? People want to obtain success but don't support. They are so many ways to support others. You can't expect your dream to be big when you haven't adequately put in the work to not just build yourself, but to support others in the process. Building your success doesn't mean you don't reach out to help others find their pathway to success. 

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