Monday, September 12, 2016

Poisoned by American Policy

America, we have a problem. While political candidates and leaders are so worried and concerned about what's happening over seas, rightfully so in some respects, they continue to ignore the issues right here in our own backyards. In fact, they make decisions that are detrimental to the lives of our children and families and don't even effective have solutions to fix problems they created. This generation of children are being poisoned by policy and we are being too silent about it. We can't get those who serve and protect us to follow proper procedures and protocols. We have a problem with our policies! 

Education In America! Education is becoming more and more privatized by the day, having the influence of large corporations and entities controlling donated monies to schools that essentially effect how children learn. Our government does not effectively invest in building the educational system. It's a harsh reality, but the systems of this country were not designed to be equitable or fair. Which is why we are still battling the same issues of class, racism, equity and equality. The question that all Americans should be asking our elected officials, our Educational leaders and ourselves is when will we STOP poisoning our children with policies designed to make profit off their productivity or lack there of? 

We are in a crisis! Presidential Candidates publicly attacked and criticized President Obama for not returning to the states to handle a crisis in Europe and many other things. It's so ironic that Americans are so eager to take on the problems of the world, but ignore the crisis right here in our own front and back yards. Many countries question are motives, are we truly trying to help or take over? As a country, our motives are what's questionable. How can for days we ignore a huge crisis such as Hurricane Katrina, or the drug, gun and gang war right here in our communities. Our children in Flint are suffering from a major water crisis and leaders are still fighting over who should have, who didn't and who isn't doing their jobs. All at the cost of people's lives. We can't begin to heal the world of it's tragedies, when we continue to ignore the ones that are within arms reach of us. 


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  2. Well said and true. So much work to be done.