Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Social Media Celebrities

For anyone who has played, practiced, specialized in or watched basketball, you've seen that it's difficult getting two balls into one basket at the same time. Many of us face this every day challenge with the pro's and con's of social media. Social Media has afforded us all the rights to "Fame", with acquiring likes, shares and now in various emotions about what you post or share. What we fail to realize is that social media is just one basket. Yet we battle trying to get two balls, one being fame the other integrity into our one social media basket at the same time. There is a balance to everything, including social media. 

Earlier this year, I did a Social Media 101 training for our Christian Education Department. One of the middle aged participants stated that she doesn't use social media because it's too personal. People just put too much of their business in the public. Here's the challenge. She's right! I went into explaining how social media can effectively be used and enjoyed for people of all ages. Here's what we have to remember in regards to not only social media, but life:

1) Control Your Settings 

Once it's out there it's out there! 
I'm not speaking of controlling your account, privacy or page settings. I'm speaking of controlling your emotions. So many people in the heat of the moment write post that don't reflect their best character or integrity and it yields to negative responses. 

2) Practice Makes Perfect

Proof reading your post before posting. Talk to text is very convenient but it doesn't always correctly translate what you're speaking. Take 30 seconds and read what you post. Even if not rushes, just make sure what' you're writing makes sense. I see so many powerful, inspiring posts that I don't share because of misspelled words and bad grammar. 

3) Have Consistent Content 

Don't fake the funk. When people check out your page, it should be truly reflective of who you are not what you want people to believe.  Don't be a Prosperity Preacher but living in poverty. How is what you're teaching working for you?  Don't advocate for _______Lives Matter and you don't treat _________ with respect, love and dignity. When you don't know how to or don't value what you advocate for in your message, it's kind of hard to sell to others. 

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