Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunny Day

Even in our storms, the sun is always shining! Finding the sun in the storms of life, taking the high road, doing the right thing in spite of all connected to what drives us...our faith.

Why is Faith so important? To me, faith is the only thing that people, things, situations or circumstances can take away from us. FAITH is the turning point of our existence. It's the internal power connecting us to God which keeps us going each day we're alive.

We've all experienced bad reports from work, the doctor's office, financial lenders, etc that have made us feel "hopeless"! The hope that we'd stay in our nice homes, cars, good health, employment, etc. are all things that as we continue to live can be taken away. Even in the mist of our valley experiences, the sun is always shining.

God is the Light in dark situations. Even as we travel through the valley of the shadows of death, God has already promised us that He will be there. Our valley may not be dark, forest like atmospheres. Some of our valley experience are in the workplace, in the church, in the communities we live in, dealing with unloving family members or dealing with the ugly, not so pleasant, dark areas of our own lives. Regardless of the difficult, dark moments we go through in life, remember that the Sun is always shining and that light shines within and through us. We don't have to look for a way out when our faith shines through every dark situation we encounter and always provides a way of escape.