Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When do Black Lives Matter?

"It's war on the streets and a war in the Middle East..." -2Pac

#BlackLivesMatter when elections need us at the polls for them but never for us.

#BlackLivesMatter when the government wants to use tax dollars to support initiatives to fix the things they destroyed but restrict the programs from truly being successful.

#BlackLivesMatter because our people are being targets to be enslaved/incarcerated by the system and killed boldly and unjustly in the streets.

#BlackLivesMatter when more of us support HBCU's like we support our favorite artist, fashion line or gadgets.

#BlackLivesMatter  when we can spend $150 on shoes, $300 on concert tickets and $1000+ at Black owned businesses instead of $0 in supporting our own.

#BlackLivesMatter before our children get ready to go back to school and we call for parents, families and supporters.

#BlackLivesMatter looks powerful on social media, dangerous on the news yet hopeless in the streets of America.

We have mastered posts and forgotten progression. We have degrees in drama but deficiencies in unity. We have excelled in assimilation but still aren't accepted. We are not apart of the American Dream; designed before we were free. Dr. King had a Dream to help us realize that beyond slavery, we're still living in a nightmare.

#BlackLivesMatter only when the corrupt system that governs truly stands by liberty and justice for all. Changing the processes of the system begins with our vote and is followed by our engagement. We can't hold a system accountable if we aren't involved in the process. We have to love, support, protect, educate and empower ourselves first before anyone else will.

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  1. BLACK LIVES MATTER As well as everyone else ! It doesn't matter what color are skin is where humans not cattle and it doesn't matter what religion we are what matters is we all are one together. Including gay people where still one together.