Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I'm Sorry

Perspective is key! We cannot simply go by our perspective alone. We are one being a world of billions of other beings who may not think, look, sound, react, plan, create or interpret things the same ways that we do. In fact, that's the power of our beings and life. There can be one Earth, but billions of people who live in it differently, who take care of it differently, who use it differently. I would even think that there's one God, that billions of people across the world worship and acknowledge differently. Languages are different, the way that we cook, prepare and eat foods are different . . . the power in perspective is that if forces everyone's ideas, ways of thinking and living to be at the table.
It's the things behind our actions; motive, intent, emotion, mindset that people don't see, that shape perspectives but what they feel are the results of our actions that leave imprints on the heart. I'm sorry doesn't make you weaker. I'm sorry simple acknowledges that hey, I see you don't agree with, like or embrace my way of thinking or feelings in the same way so I'm sorry if it offends, disrespects or overlooks your thoughts. I'm sorry doesn't make you less powerful, thoughtful or meaningful. It just makes you conscience minded and aware of the others persons perspective.

To the Kindergarten classmate who tried to take my lunch and found out the hard way that homie don't play that . . . I'm sorry.

To the little girl in 4th grade with a ringworm on her cheek who became the laughing stock of our class for two weeks . . . I'm sorry.

To the all the teachers who thought I was being difficult and disrupting class when I was really trying to school them about Atlanta history . . . I'm sorry.

To all the innocent people caught in to the political systems of this world who did nothing but simply wake up, brown, black, red, yellow or indifferent in societies that don't embrace your perspective or being . . . I'm sorry.

To all those who have taken actions of mine out of context or mistaken my good for evil. . . I'm sorry.

When you understand power, you realize that people who know how to use it don't tear others down or disrespect them, they use it to change their perspective.