Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Birth of a Nation

Your vote, each vote does matter! In this country,  we have a pattern of not fixing what's broken and making it work for all. The film "Birth of Nation" bring so much relevance to what the United States is dealing with now especially with this Election. Below are 10 valid reasons why D.W. Griffith's The Clansman also known as Birth of A Nation and Nate Parker's remake of "Birth of A Nation" are relevant today. Freedom will never ring in America when we're still advocating for . . . 

#1 - Equal Rights 

#2 - Unbiased Justice System

#3 - Black Lives Matters

#4 - Women Rights Matters

#5 - Latino Lives Matters

#6 - Muslim Lives Matters

#7 - LGBT Lives Matters

#8 - Equal Economic Opportunities

#9 - Affordable Healthcare 

#10 - Equitable Education System 

If you're asking why does my vote matter, these are 10 reasons for you to consider. More importantly how we hold our leaders and ourselves accountable will determine the true change needed in America. 

Justice for some, isn't justice for all. A victory for a few isn't a win for many. Leadership influences on all levels influences action. 

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