Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Single Blues

Life teaches us to race against time to have a complete life with someone else. It's the notion that in order to be accomplished, happy, complete... we have to have someone as our girlfriend or boyfriend as early as grade school. Society portrays that in order for us to truly be successful, we have to have someone on our arms. It seems as if we are constantly racing from having a serious relationship in dating, courting and seeking the person we hope to spend the rest of our lives happily together. When do we truly take time to love ourselves? To fall in love with who we are.

I can admit, it's quite uncomfortable at times not having someone to accompany you to events, go to the movies with, double date with friends and most importantly build a life together. Then we have to ask ourselves, am I confined by the thoughts and ideas of others for my life? There are so many people who are in relationships to please their families and other people that they are miserable. People who find themselves not able to be themselves because they are making decisions to make others happy at the expense of their happiness. 

We have to master how to fuel our purpose more than desires. It begins focusing on the path of success you're traveling in order to be the best you. Don't get stuck in depression because you feel like you aren't living up to society's expectations. Our lives were designed beyond the imagination of man. Besides, we cannot truly be happy with someone if we aren't even happy with ourselves. Regardless if you'r working to be off the market or not, the first thing we have to do is ensure that we're marketable. We should look at ourselves and say, that's someone I'd want to be with. It starts within first. If we don't see our worth, we can't expect others to value it.