Monday, January 16, 2017

Unapologetic America

Dear America,

I've learned from history and my own story that power, money and respect are always at the root of evil. That the foundation of anything built out on hatred will constantly be at war with itself fighting the need to be empowered and the desire to gain it by any means necessary. I understand the privilege that certain citizens of this county are afforded. It's not all about race, but race does matter! Everything has a place and a purpose. America has designed herself to control any and everything because that's how you capitalize on power.

America hasn't issued a true apology to Native Americans or African Americans. This country's foundation is built on the reality that natives were destroyed and foreigners were enslaved on this very land that since it's newly formed founders landed has continued to destroy and enslave innocent people. We have systems from healthcare, to education, to law enforcement that do more to maintain the order of the system than to build and save lives. A system that by design alienates and separates us by  race, religion, gender, sexuality, political beliefs, economic status or education. We are constantly fighting to be free in a country that tells us we are free based on it's definition of freedom.

Why can't we question pledging allegiance to a flag, to a constitution that doesn't serve, protect and afford freedom to all? Why do we continue to follow what the media drives us to believe? The systems of this country have conditioned us to be dependent on the system; technology, degrees, social acceptance, money and positions that we lose focus on true freedom.

Freedom has limitations but should never be implemented without Love, respect and equity. The fact that we've had to live through movements for civil rights, human rights, women's rights, LGBT rights and the list goes on, proves that if America was designed for all to be free; we would.

If we are still fighting the same battles from decades past in this country, it goes to show that even in progression, the power of beliefs will drive people to either choose hatred or love. Only one will win. Dear America, which one will we choose?

#LoveWins #LoveOverHate