Sunday, March 5, 2017

Queen Sugar

OWN's Queen Sugar encourages us to...

- Evaluate and embrace family and culture
- Discuss succession plans
- Support family businesses and ownership

Family has always been the center of our culture from Africa to America. Here's how we can begin to repair and build our family structure

FAMILY - Evaluation and Acceptance

We have too many children that are in the streets because the family of the father and/or mother won't take care of them. Our children are our investment. We have to rear and nurture them because if we don't the streets and system have their arms wide open.

Mental illnesses, disabilities, variances in sexuality and isms (alcohol, etc) have to be acknowledge, accepted in love and evaluated with wisdom so that the family can be stronger not weaker because of missing links. We have to dispel the myth of throwing away the misfits when the reality is, we've all been culturally made to be misfits because of the color of our skin.

SUCCESSION PLANS - Who got next?

Do we have life insurance for our elders and children? Does mom and dad, big mama and papa have a will in place? We have to master our business in order to master our next level. Talent and gifts alone won't insure that our children as well as ourselves are taken care of after succession takes place. Death is a part of life that we can't control; however, we can plan effectively. College savings bonds, insurance policies, business plans, home and property ownership are the best holiday gifts anyone can have to give.

BUSINESS - All in the Family

I have learned that the power of having a family owned business is powerful. Of course there are challenges and difficult times to go through, but if there's a entrepreneur(s) within the family, suppor them. Help them to reach their highest level of potential and success. Ownership is key to helping Black and Brown families survive and thrive in America. Support our businesses, help them to grow, hold them accountable and invest in their future. Their success is our success.

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