Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pulling the Plug on Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare Reform is needed as it effects our lifespan. If we don't have adequate and equitable
resources to survive, then the least of them won't. We have to change systematic, oppressive notion of survival of the fittest when it comes to policies that govern our lives.Each school year, every season, as surely as time passes by, the neglect and lack of concern for equitable, quality and affordable healthcare for all Americans weighs in our education system. We often fail to look at the importance of affordable healthcare for families who have young children, those caring for their parents or loved ones or battling chronic illnesses. Policy makers have to over look how policy becomes the biggest threat to our health because of the lack of reliable resources. However, in reality we know that they are are.

The effects of affordable healthcare on mental wellness in our communities that attributes to several things including homelessness, crime, abuse, neglect, homicide and most importantly the early development of children. More families are disadvantaged at the early development stage creating more roadblocks to success for their family. In fact, it's a cycle that keeps the unprivileged, disadvantaged, overwhelmed and overlooked citizens oppressed.

We all play a role in the growing number of children developing learning disabilities due to poor living conditions, hazardous environments and the lack of proper healthcare. Children who are neglected and come to school without adequate hygiene or nourishment are victims to the lack of integrity this country has for it's own.

How Can We Help:
1. Support local church/ non profit food pantries
2. Advocate for quality grocery stores in food desserts
3. Write your local elected officials; hold them accountable
4. Post about it on Social Media to build awareness
5. Sign online petitions that support affordable healthcare reform
6. Ask questions in public meetings on how we can help
7. Stay up to date on affordable healthcare reform
8. Donate hygiene supplies to local schools

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