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Georgia Republican Senators Work to Erase the Legacy of John Lewis with Voting Suppression Bills

  Dear Georgia General Assembly, My name is Aisha Dukuly. I am a Georgia resident and future voter. As a young Black woman and student activist of the EdLanta Student Coalition, it is imperative that I lift my voice regarding the current move to suppress the voices of Georgia voters. Let’s be clear, these bills are targeting people of color, women and those who lives in disenfranchised or lower income communities. Voting is so critically important in the advancement of our society as we have witnessed in recent elections. Why would GA republicans want to take this right away from us? Representatives like the late John Lewis, dedicated his life to voting rights for leaders in his very own state to drive efforts to erase these rights and his legacy. Voting is so very important because it is an opportunity to make your voice heard and facilitate positive change in your community.  I desire to vote because my ancestors fought and died to ensure that I have this right. For students, working

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